Got Stuff?

Consign or Donate to The Gear Closet!

We accept outdoor gear of all shapes and sizes. From kayaks and backpacks to climbing shoes and chalk bags, life jackets and paddles to snorkels and swim fins, if it’s something you’ve considered giving away or throwing out, chances are good that someone else would love to give it a second life.

Clean out your gear closet and either donate it to us for a full tax write off or sell it on consignment, then browse our deeply discounted offerings!


When you donate items, it’s twice the win: the more that’s donated, the greater the selection you’ll have for some new-used gear, plus, you’ll keep one more thing out of the landfill!

Donated items are fully tax-deductible.


We know that large outdoor gear can be pricey. Can’t stand to fully donate a big-ticket item? We also love taking items on consignment.  We get some of our best stuff that way!

The percentage that the Gear Closet gets is tax deductible for you.

In special circumstances, we can pick up your large items for you.

Please send us an e-mail at or give us a call on 423.413.3298 to discuss.

Or, we’re always happy to take cash donations.

Just click here to donate using PayPal.  Quick and easy.  No PayPal account needed.  Thank you!