Want Stuff?

Want Stuff?

Give yourself a first-hand adventure with second-hand gear.

Are you planning a camping trip and don’t have the right gear?  Are you interested in taking up a new sport and want to give it a spin without breaking the bank?  Do you just need some extra camp chairs for watching weekend soccer matches?

At the Gear Closet, we have a little bit of everything.  Skis, boots, snowboards.  Bikes, trikes, jog strollers.  Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards.   Coolers, tents, backpacks.

Where do we get our stuff?

Consignments from people like you – this is where we get our best stuff! The portion of our fee for your consignment is tax-deductible.

Individual donations, also from people like you. If you have something cluttering up your house that you don’t need, please bring it to us.

After music festivals and other camping events, we go in and clean up. You wouldn’t believe the stuff some people leave behind!

Our stock is varied and ever-changing.  Our prices are unbelievable.
And what you spend here goes toward clean water projects and education programs.
It’s a win-win!

GIVE US A CALL ON 423-413-3298.

We are around and willing to set you up with what you need.