Consignment – How It Works:

Why choose to consign?

Consignment Bike
Consignment Bike

Well, we all have that pile in the back of our closet… maybe an even bigger pile in the garage. We keep telling ourselves we are going to need it again one day (although it has been years) OR one of our friends will need it (no worries, they have gear).

It is time to consign! Stop by and ask The Gear Closet team how to consign! It is as simple as bringing your gear to the store, signing the agreement form, and then we sell your gear for you!

The biggest benefits of consigning are making a little extra cash on the side for your gear that you had laying around. Maybe you could even use that money to upgrade! And you can finally clear out some room… to move in bigger gear?!?! Did you know that the percentage The Gear Closet gets is considered tax deductible to you?!

How does consignment work?

1. Bring in your gear
2. Sign the Consignment Agreement
3. Leave it to us to sell your items!
4. Get a check at the end of each selling month!

Click here to check out our Consignment Agreement Form.

So EASY! Just leave your gear with us and we sell it for you!