Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards: Pandemic on the Water

We’ve made it back with some limited hours and one thing has happened: We’re about out of boats.

The Pandemic has changed a lot of things. One thing you can do almost without worry is get outside. Get on the water. Go for a hike. Disappear for a bit.

So do you have a boat sitting around you’d like to consign? We have a “virtual” line of people looking for everything you can think of to get on the water. So the chances are it will come in and go out quickly. Plus it’s no hassle for you beyond getting it to the store.

What do we need?

  • PaddleBoards
  • Paddles
  • Lake Kayaks
  • Inflatable Kayaks
  • Canoes (I mean who doesn’t want a canoe)
Have you ever paddled around Williams Island?

Anyway – give us a shout. Book an appointment. If you have a boat sitting around and it has all it’s parts, pieces, and you want to give it another life – that’s what we do!